Kang's paintings reveal materiality with a different perspective. Kang expresses the human figures by using images he took, searched on internet, or found in magazines. The image is cropped once more. Kang does not simply depict the person, but tends to describe as landscape that belongs somewhere. In it, Kang sees an interesting feature of an individual. His main interests are clothes and gestures that one wears. Part of the clothes of an anonymous person is enlarged and moved to the screen. We can see a hand put in a suit pocket, an underwear seen through see-through clothes, and a beautifully patterned sweater. Kang focuses on the part where draws his attention. Kang puts a person whose face and limbs are trimmed repeatedly on a squared canvas. The pattern of the garment is showed in flat surface and it looks like a close-to-abstract landscape where only the color and shape remains.



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